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i wanna say welcome to all the new members of flight rising, and by what better why than introducing all of you to my favorite FR past time? coliseum grinding is immensely profitable, even if it does seem a little daunting. that is why i want to help!

im currently training the three dragons above to level 10. all three will be physical attackers, with a 4 str/2 qck/1 vit spread. they will come with renaming scrolls, food that i collected from battling with them in the coli, and three familiars — undecided currently, so that i can ensure that the winner receives familiars they do not have. :) no requests, please!

if you would like to enter, please be a *new* member of flight rising. please reblog with your username and ID. this will end when the dragons are level 10 — so maybe a day or two. ill randomize the entrants and send crossroads and a PM of goodies to the winner!

please feel free to reblog to spread the word. :P love, minty 6166.

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When watching a show I don’t think ‘Well politically correctly there should be two more minorities’

I’m thinking ‘This is suffocating, this isn’t what life is like, why do i not exist, why do my friends not exist, what the fuck is with this idealisation of one type of person?’


My mother doesn’t understand how representation matters and last night I was just explaining to her: at least in my experience, every time a group of people is on tv, or even just a couple, I am very, very aware that they are all straight. I can’t watch a show or even a commercial without going ‘yep, typical american family, I’m not included’


I’m starting to get instantly angry every time somebody equates the queer movement with the idea that it’s all about the LOVE. Only romantic love, naturally. *rolls eyes*

The queer movement can be so much more than some shitty ‘same love’ soundbite. When people only emphasize the idea of trying to fit into some ideal romantic, monogamous relationship, they ignore the potential for queer people to question the underlying assumptions of heteronormativity, amatonormativity and gender stereotypes. Surely we can do better than trying to mimic straight romantic relationships?



I just realized that I can be using my Employee Discount Powers for good! I work at a thrift store and can get all sorts of cool clothes super cheap half off on top of the thrifty prices. For example, I can get shirts for as little as two to four bucks a piece, pants for like three to five bucks a piece, skirts for like three to five bucks, dresses for like four to ten bucks, (buck buck buck lol so many bucks I’m a chicken now) etc. 

If you live in Canada or America and need some cheap (if you can afford it and would like to) or free (if you can’t afford it or think you deserve presents than that’s totally cool too I mean seriously dmab trans folks all deserve presents every day) clothes, you can send me a message and we can talk sizes and style and stuff. I’m living on a bit of a budget right now but would be totally happy to spend like fifty bucks or maybe more a month on helping you look and feel like you can and should!

Before I get more into what my store has, I should mention that our selection of plus-size stuff tends to be pretty spotty. I’ve tried a few times to get our management to do more to bring in and shelve plus sized clothing, and will continue to advocate for it, but I’m pretty sure they’re not listening. That being said, if you need it, I swear by my rabbits that I will go to all five stores in my city to find good clothes that fit you and make you feel rad. My partner has experience with shopping for plus sized clothes (and REALLY great fashion sense) and they have kindly offered to come with me and give me a hand with the shopping, so hopefully we should be able to get a really good fit for you! 

My store carries all kinds of clothes: scarves (including winter scarves and beautiful scarves for head wrapping)  blouses (short/long sleeve), knits (short sleeve like T-shirts and long sleeve), sleeveless tops, pullovers, cardigans, hoodies, yoga pants, sweats, shorts, capris, casual/more formal pants, jeans, skirts, summer dresses and sleeve-having dresses, blazers, vests, pant/dress suits, spring jackets, winter jackets, leather/fur coats, rain jackets, PJs, nightgowns, underwear, socks, shoes/boots/sandals, jewelry, purses, etc.

Basically I want to do this because I know how tough - and unaffordable - it can be to shop for the clothes that you might need.  You might get judgement from employees, friends who are along with, family who monitor purchases, or whatever. 

In case it wasn’t clear this applies for ALL dmab trans folk, nonbinary people included. Also, if you live outside of Canada or America, maybe try me anyway and if it is within my budget we can work out shipping.

Even if you don’t need the thing please consider signal boosting!


EDIT actually hey dfab folks you can feel free to message me too. I’m giving top priority on the free clothes to dmab folks but we can work something out you’ll still get one hell of a deal.

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