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can you tag anything that romanticises death or dying or death related imagery (i.e. graveyards or tombstones) as “aiden don’t look” because it really is not something i ever want to see 

that includes anything thats sort of like, equating yourself with dead things, like a picture of something dead and the caption “that’s me” or whatever 

actually just tag death in general

thank you



hi everybody, recently i’ve been seeing a lot of people around the internet talking about experiencing drawing related pain

it feels like the right time to publicly recommend this extremely informative and well-researched minicomic by kriota willberg. i carry a copy with me everywhere and tell friends about it all the time because it is super helpful and has helped me unlearn some bad drawing habits and learn plenty of healthy new ones!

in 60 pages it covers

  • drawing positions that lessen stress on your muscles
  • a wide variety of easy exercises (and sample routines)
  • small lifestyle changes you can make to keep healthy
  • and when to tell if prevention isn’t enough and you need to see a doctor

you can buy it HERE and HERE. it’s very thorough, the author knows a lot about muscles and the body as well as about the specifics of drawing and it really shows. even if you haven’t experienced drawing pain yet, integrating this stuff into your routine is a good way to start taking preventative measures

stay safe and healthy everyone!

i just bought this and i cant wait for it to arrive. its so important to take care of your body to prevent strain!!

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